ES-SDA Database

Reliable Shading Data for Overheating Solutions

Smart Solar Shading has become an essential solution for addressing overheating issues in low-energy buildings. Recognizing the significance of reliable solar shading data, building regulators and practitioners are increasingly turning to ES-SDA for trusted information. The web-based platform offers easy access to verified data.

European Database with Validated Performance Data

ES-SDA, established by ES-SO, is a comprehensive European Database that houses validated and peer-reviewed performance shading data in accordance with CEN/ISO Standards. Companies that have published their data on ES-SDA gain the privilege of utilizing the prestigious ES-SDA quality brand.

Validated Data through a Peer Review Process

ES-SDA operates through a meticulous process to ensure the validity of data. Suppliers are required to conduct material and fabric testing in approved laboratories, adhering to CEN/ISO Standards. The collected data undergoes thorough review by industry experts before being incorporated into the database. This rigorous process mirrors the approach followed by the glazing industry. 

Users of ES-SDA

ES-SDA harnesses the performance data of fabrics and materials, combined with reference glazing based on CEN/ISO Standards. As a result the database can generate a wide range of outputs, including Gtot (Total Solar Energy Transmittance) and Shading Factor (Fc) for heat rejection, as well as Visible Light Transmittance (Tvis). Smart Solar Shading companies can leverage this information to advise customers on the most suitable materials based on their specific requirements and glass types. Building regulators, architects, engineers, and building contractors can access the data for various purposes, such as EPB/building codes, building modeling, and BIM.

Visit the ES-SDA Website

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