Welcome to the world of solar shading  

ES-SO is a non-profit organisation under Belgian law that aims to promote the positive impact of solar shading on indoor climate management, thereby supporting the EU’s ambitious energy-efficiency goals. ES-SO is the European umbrella organisation of professional solar shading organisations. Based in Brussels, it is ideally located to guarantee that the voice of the industry is heard and that it can make a positive contribution to the European energy targets. 

Energy-friendly, passive cooling

As the Earth's climate changes, heat waves and heat-related deaths are increasing. Smart solar shading is a vital solution to prevent overheating in buildings. By adopting smart solar shading solutions, we can actively contribute to mitigating climate change and creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Become an expert 

ES-SO Academy, a pioneering initiative by ES-SO, is dedicated to providing comprehensive education to its members.  The courses are crafted by industry experts who possess extensive knowledge and experience. Trainees have the opportunity to select from three distinct courses: the introductory session, the advisor course, or the expert course. The prestigious ES-SO Smart Solar Shading Certificate can be obtained by successfully completing an examination.

We are proud member of United Nations Global Alliance for Building and Construction

Anders Hall, President ES-SO